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Friday, September 7, 2007

Classic horror monster collection

My classic horror monster collection I accumulated during the 70's is gone, gone, gone. I still remember taking my now priceless Aurora Models and smashing them together as I staged pretend monster fights. Why would I commit such a unforgivable act upon such great pieces of memorabilia. Well, I was young, stupid and incapable of thinking beyond the moment. Aside from my Famous Monsters magazines which I continued to buy up until they stopped publishing them,(at least the Forry Ackerman version) I was now back where I started and had to wait for new releases or re-issues to once again possess these great treasures. First it was a well detailed Universal Dracula and Wolf Man figure in a grocery store claw machine and I found myself once again on the hunt. One day while browsing at Toys R Us, I noticed that some very well made figures of the main Universal Monsters had been released by a company called Sideshow Toys. Not long after came the Polar Lights re-issues of the Aurora Models. More from Sideshow was next and I was snatching these items up like water in the desert. This is great, I've once again got a fairly respectable collection of all sorts of Monster collectibles, and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, here comes Ebay. Although I must admit that I would much rather first search out and find a item on the shelf somewhere, if I must, I can go to this new auction site and find just about anything as long as I wanted it more than the hundreds of others that were bidding on it as well. When I decided to save time and money and just collect one particular monster (The Creature), I for one moment considered putting the remaining part of my collection up for bid, but once that ridiculous thought was squashed I came to my senses and now will never let them go again. It may have once been "seek and destroy" now it's "seek and acquire. A partial sample of what I have acquired.


Taylor said...

Wow! I think you are simply amazing!! FINALLY someone else appreciates Classic Horror Film! Woop-Woop!:D

Amazing!! Keep on Collecting!:D

jwgumby said...

Thanks for your interest Taylor. Hopefully others will share their collections as well. Long live the classics!!!

D@vid said...

!!!!Classic horror flicks!!!

Anonymous said...

I just ran across your blog while I was searching for classic monster memorabilia and since it sounds like you guys are into it as well, check out It's going to bring good horror back to tv. Check our their 1st comic book too!