Do You Want Classic Horror Collectibles

Friday, September 7, 2007

Classic horror monster collection

My classic horror monster collection I accumulated during the 70's is gone, gone, gone. I still remember taking my now priceless Aurora Models and smashing them together as I staged pretend monster fights. Why would I commit such a unforgivable act upon such great pieces of memorabilia. Well, I was young, stupid and incapable of thinking beyond the moment. Aside from my Famous Monsters magazines which I continued to buy up until they stopped publishing them,(at least the Forry Ackerman version) I was now back where I started and had to wait for new releases or re-issues to once again possess these great treasures. First it was a well detailed Universal Dracula and Wolf Man figure in a grocery store claw machine and I found myself once again on the hunt. One day while browsing at Toys R Us, I noticed that some very well made figures of the main Universal Monsters had been released by a company called Sideshow Toys. Not long after came the Polar Lights re-issues of the Aurora Models. More from Sideshow was next and I was snatching these items up like water in the desert. This is great, I've once again got a fairly respectable collection of all sorts of Monster collectibles, and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, here comes Ebay. Although I must admit that I would much rather first search out and find a item on the shelf somewhere, if I must, I can go to this new auction site and find just about anything as long as I wanted it more than the hundreds of others that were bidding on it as well. When I decided to save time and money and just collect one particular monster (The Creature), I for one moment considered putting the remaining part of my collection up for bid, but once that ridiculous thought was squashed I came to my senses and now will never let them go again. It may have once been "seek and destroy" now it's "seek and acquire. A partial sample of what I have acquired.