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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Favorite Classic Horror Goodies

Classic Horror Collectible Memories

I love it when I am browsing at a store and find a new Universal Monsters item available, but you still just can't beat the great original items from the 70's and earlier. Aurora model kits, Mego Mad Monsters, Don Post Masks, AHI figures, Palmolive Soakies for some reason have always had a special appeal to me, one could go on and on. Check out my earlier blog where I have pictures of some of my current collection. I see a lot of older classic horror goodies at various antique stores but usually these items are way overpriced and there they remain for someone with more money to burn then I tend to have available.

When I started getting the Aurora Models in the 70's they were the glow in the dark series in the square boxes. I believe at the time they were maybe a $1.50 or somewhere around there and if I could only go back in time I would spend all my allowance money on them and stash them away unopened for days like today. but of course being a kid it's all about actually using them and enjoying them the way they were meant to be.

Don Post masks seemed to be much better back then compared to what I see on the shelf today as far as the current masks with the Don Post name on them. They aren't bad, but something seems to be missing. Perhaps there was just less to compare them too at that time.

Everything seems to be getting re-released which is perfectly fine with me, most of what I have now is re-issue except for my magazines. My long lost models have now been replaced thanks to Polar Lights, and Sideshow Toys has a lot to be thanked for adding great new items to be had.

Just remember, just because they are new today, they will someday be the great old classic horror goodies of tomorrow. buy em, enjoy em, just don't lose them this time.

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