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Monday, September 3, 2007

horror hosts

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Horror hosts for the most part if done properly are a great addition to the classic horror experience. People tend to remember the hosts just as fondly as they remember the movies they ran for us. Some have gone on to be rather famous and others just moved on, I just hope they got the message of just how special they are to us. As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, here in Seattle from the late sixties until the about 1978, we had Nightmare Theatre hosted by the late Joe Towey as the Count. Joe was not only our late night vampire, but also was a big part of the J.P. Patches show (though this time behind the scenes), a local cartoon show that was very popular during it's run. The movies were top notch classic horror, they played all the Universal Monsters and Hammer greats as well. Nightmare Theatre would start off with the theme music, and a coffin in a castle room, the coffin would open up revealing a skeleton that would before our eyes transform into the Count. Then the Count would be his light hearted self and if I remember correctly he had a skull named Pamela he would talk to sometimes. I had two live encounters with the Count. One was by chance when my family was at the Seattle Center house and the Count was running around the upper level, what a awesome surprise. The other encounter was when my cub scout troop took a tour of Channel 7 and we got to see the Nightmare Theatre scenery and The Count himself. It was a sad time when Nightmare Theatre went off the air, especially since no live footage was kept, it was all recorded over. Joe Towey has passed away now and I wish I took the time to go visit him and thank him for all he did for me as a kid. Well I am now, and I hope we all take the time to give thanks to all the horror hosts who gave a great scare, great movies and great memories. Two thumbs up Joe.