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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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It is almost Halloween and I am getting the idea that just what the title "classic horror" used to mean has changed to include a whole new batch of horror movies. Classic horror movies and general monster movies used to be easily classified as the old black and white classics that started it all mostly from Universal Studios and then later some color versions from Hammer Pictures in the UK. Today however a new generation of movies now have taken on the title as the new classic horror movies such as the Friday the 13th series as well as the Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street series.

Classic Horror Gore

As you have seen in earlier blogs of mine I have grumbled and moaned about this but I guess as the generations and styles of monster movies change we must allow for the new additions to be included. The real foundation for true classic horror movies will always be the golden standard of the oldies but with the advancements with film making and special effects the gore factor does start to become what a lot of people are now looking for.

I guess there is no reason to fight it and I do think there are some fairly good recent horror movies that have been released such as "Bram Stokers Dracula" and "Inteview with the Vampire". As for the gore fest that seems to be so necessary these days, it is fine to a extent but lets show some reason and work more on the horror aspect and save some of those buckets of blood for another project.

So yes, as I look at all the monster movie marathons this Halloween season I am a bit disappointed but I guess it time for that good ole DVD collection to come out and save the night.

Besides, I bet Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Creature and all the other greats of the real classic horror movies would kick the slasher butts of Jason, Freddie and Michael any full moon evening should the ever come face to face. Hmmmm sounds like a great idea to me.