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Sunday, September 2, 2007

horror movie remakes

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Remakes........What about all these remakes. Has there really been one that did any justice to the original, or should it just be left alone. At this time there is one in the works for one of my farvorite movies and favorite monsters, The Creature from the Black Lagoon. The thought of what they might do to a already perfect monster is really scary. Milicent Patrick, whom is responsible for the design of the original creature (sorry Bud, you don't get credit here) did the perfect job in her design and I hope those involved in the remake take some notice of that. I know how people seem to think that you need to adjust to the times and people today like bigger, badder and gorier. Hogwash I say, just take a look at what they did to Godzilla in that remake, I'll take the guy in a suit any day over that very forgettable remake version. These days when we see a werewolf movie they turn into some kind of oversized dog on steriods instead of a half man, half wolf like Lon Chaney Jr. and Henry Hull. The Mummy remakes don't even have a proper mummy in them. Sure the new effects are nice and should be used to some extent but let's not overdue it and take away what should go to the real star the monster. Call me old fashioned and biased I'm fine with that because I know what creepy really is, give me the old soundstage full of fog, howling wolves and a monster that is tasteful not overdone, oversized and doesn't even make a good model kit. Anyone seen Jack Pierce anywhere? ---------------------------