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Friday, September 14, 2007

Love at first Bite movie review

I guess it is rather obvious by now that I am someone who enjoys his classic horror. I also enjoy other genre's as well and a good comedy is always entertaining, but when you can mix both monsters and comedy, it can be quite a treat. Naturally on the top of my list of horror/comedy would be the Abbott and Costello movies and the Classic "Young Frankenstein", but one other one really stands out with me and that is the movie "Love at First bite" with George Hamilton playing the Count. Leaving his homeland where no one is afraid of him any more, he goes to America and finds out that here he is just another nut case in the big city. There are so many great scenes and lines that just never seem to get old no matter how many times you see the movie. Our great Count Dracula goes from being the prince of darkness to a flying black chicken but he still doesn't lose his touch with the ladies and never gives them a "quickie" only a "Longie" The character of Renfield is hilarious yet still true to the original with his evil laugh and appetite for little things. Dr. Van helsing is portrayed very well as he boggles every attempt to get at Dracula and eventually finds himself bargaining with a cop on who gets to use Dracula's cape on what night. So do I have a problem with a Dracula who is drunk and singing in his coffin? Absolutely not, now how about a good Wolf Man comedy.