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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Twisted Flicks | Classic Horror Spoof

Twisted Flicks add just the right twist to Classic Horror favorite

Last night I went to a local movie theater where they show what are called "Twisted Flicks". One weekend a month this theater takes old usually "B" grade Sci-Fi and Classic horror flicks and turns off the sound and in turn has live actors take on the roles of the main characters and add in their own improvised dialogue.

A Decade of Twisted Fun

Twisted Flicks is currently celebrating their 10th anniversary and to commemorate this event they had the movie "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" as the flick to be spoofed. Although I lived here for far more than 10 years this was my first time attending this event. Going in I wasn't sure just how good it would be or if the theater itself was of any quality but I found myself very impressed and felt it was a excellent experience all the way around.

The theater holds maybe 150 people and is very clean with some decent decorations to help set the scene. One big plus for me was they serve beer and hard lemonade type drinks along with the usual popcorn, pop and candy. The admission price is 10.00 per person and I felt it was well worth it. If you live in the Seattle area and intend to check it out I would recommend you purchase your tickets online if you want to get front of the line access but extra charges due apply.

Horror Movies even the Kids can enjoy

The atmosphere is great for both adults and children so don't be afraid to take the kids. While you are waiting in line or in your seats the cast will ask you for suggestions of certain words, phrases or types of people that they will look through and choose some to use in that nights performance. If your suggestion is chosen there a prizes to be had, last night one person won a full one year pass to Twisted Flicks for having the most popular suggestion which was "Mister Rodgers"

Twisted Flicks is great idea and I enjoyed it much more than the more famous "Mystery Science Theater 3000" which isn't as comical in my humble opinion. Again, if you are in the Seattle area I definitely say check it out and like me I'm sure you be going back again and again. I love my Classic horror movies and hey why not every now and then see a new twist added to keep the blood flowing.

I think one really great feature they offer is if you really enjoyed the show then you have the option to purchase a DVD of it and watch it at home as much as you like.

Wing-it Productions has done a great job and I salute this great addition to our local pop-culture.

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