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Monday, September 17, 2007

It smells like Halloween is a coming

It must be that time of the season, all the great Halloween monster goodies are showing up in the stores and I'm ready for any new items that may reveal themselves. So far I haven't seen anything new or any great universal monsters items I still need, but I am out on the prowl. If anyone whom wonders through here has noticed anything I could sure use a good tip. Official Universal Monsters items are on the top of the list but anything Vampire, Werewolf, Creature or horror themed will do. If any good classic horror flicks are showing up on the tube I'd like to know about those as well. Unfortuately AMC and their monsterfest has really gone down the tubes, it was once a classic monsters dream and now you lucky for two or three of the old classics. Regardless, it's time to start the celebration and bring out the monsters.

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