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Friday, August 31, 2007

horror collecting

What is one to do? I tried to be a good collector of Horror memorabilia, but with so much out there, thank you very much Sideshow Toys, and Ebay making almost anything available, which item do you get? how do you afford it all? Trust me I tried. So unless you happen to have a unlimited amount of funds and room to store it all, you are ultimately faced with this dilema. Well, after my failed attempt at having it all, I decided it would be best to just settle on one paticular monster and put my money and efforts into that. Of course that doesn't mean that when something really cool comes out I won't stray and add some other monsters item, but for the most part I am now just collecting Creature from the black lagoon items. I thought the obvious Dracula and Frankenstein items would still be just too much on there own. Now it turns out no matter what you choose you still are faced with the same problem just on a bit smaller level. Which Creature item should I get next, how do I afford it and where do I put it all. Oh well, if you are going to have problems, these are the best kind to have. As for all the other monster items I collected prior to my moving to just the Creature, well, I originally told my wife those would be sold off and room made for other things. yeah right folks, of course many years later they are still here with me where they belong. maybe some day I'll get myself to actually take one out of the package and play with it. or maybe not.

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