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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Classic Horror Lives

Universal Monsters, Hammer horror and all the others who are responsible for bringing to life all the great characters and moments of the classic horror genre, this blog is in your honor and I can only hope that it truly catches the spirit of that which was and is the greats of Classic Horror and how it made a impact on my life and the lives of so many others.
Okay, I've done it and entered the land of blogging. This is all very new to me but for myself and anyone else who gives a hoot, or should I say howl, I would like to throw out there some of my past and present experiences with classic horror. So, as the days go on, I would like to share the times spent staying up late and watching the Wolfman, Dracula and the Creature dare me to go to sleep after the final credits have rolled off the screen, or wait ever so impatiently for the next issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland to be released.
I may be in my Forties now, but I can still be found creeping around the local stores and online looking for the newest monster toys for my ever growing collection. I know I am not alone and I invite all you other closet ghouls to come out and celebrate the timeless treasures of Classic Horror.

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