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Saturday, November 24, 2007

classic horror magazines

Classic horror Magazines then and now

When one thinks of classic horror magazines Famous Monsters of Filmland is of course the first to come to mind but there have been so many others that have made a great contribution to the classic horror genre. Monster World was short lived but was right there along with FM, so was Monster Madness aka. Monsters Unlimited which took great classic horror stills and added in comical dialogue to the scene. We also had Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, Castle of Frankenstein, Monsters Unleashed, Monsters of the Movies, Monster Parade, Monster Bash and that's just name a few. More recently there has been Fangoria, Scary Monsters, Monsters of the Vault and they just keep coming.

You just can't help but love all of these and want to own each and every one. With the help of Ebay you can make a good attempt at it but that just won't happen no matter how much you invest your time and money into it.

One of the best parts of these magazines is seeing and hearing a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that normally would not be accessible to your average classic horror fan. We are so used to seeing these monsters doing the normal menacing and such that when you get the opportunity to see them smoking a cigarette or playing cards at lunch is really a treat.

Of course the advertisements always offer many great classic accessories such as masks, models, records, and all sorts of goodies that are a must have even though you are going to lose or destroy whatever it is within a couple days of getting it.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Favorite Classic Horror Goodies

Classic Horror Collectible Memories

I love it when I am browsing at a store and find a new Universal Monsters item available, but you still just can't beat the great original items from the 70's and earlier. Aurora model kits, Mego Mad Monsters, Don Post Masks, AHI figures, Palmolive Soakies for some reason have always had a special appeal to me, one could go on and on. Check out my earlier blog where I have pictures of some of my current collection. I see a lot of older classic horror goodies at various antique stores but usually these items are way overpriced and there they remain for someone with more money to burn then I tend to have available.

When I started getting the Aurora Models in the 70's they were the glow in the dark series in the square boxes. I believe at the time they were maybe a $1.50 or somewhere around there and if I could only go back in time I would spend all my allowance money on them and stash them away unopened for days like today. but of course being a kid it's all about actually using them and enjoying them the way they were meant to be.

Don Post masks seemed to be much better back then compared to what I see on the shelf today as far as the current masks with the Don Post name on them. They aren't bad, but something seems to be missing. Perhaps there was just less to compare them too at that time.

Everything seems to be getting re-released which is perfectly fine with me, most of what I have now is re-issue except for my magazines. My long lost models have now been replaced thanks to Polar Lights, and Sideshow Toys has a lot to be thanked for adding great new items to be had.

Just remember, just because they are new today, they will someday be the great old classic horror goodies of tomorrow. buy em, enjoy em, just don't lose them this time.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Classic Monsters On Your Doorstep

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween and I am ready to report for duty. First it is trick or treat time with my daughter (probably the last year unfortunately) then movie time spent with some of my classic horror favorites via my DVD collection since regular television seems to have forgotten that horror movies did exist prior to 1970.

I am really going to try and take in today all I can because I know come tomorrow the decorations will be gone for another long year, at least outside of my home they will be gone but things seems to hang around here all year round.

Where is everyone?

Back in the 70's when I was a kid darting from house to house on Halloween night the streets were filled for hours and hours with a endless sea of kids in various costumes from creepy classics like vampires and werewolves to just about everything else. Just as classic horror movies are few and far between so is the amount of interest in trick or treating, be it the amount of people out on the streets or houses that aren't participating and have dark unlit doorways.
I'm not sure what has happened over the years but I hope it will turn around bring back the glory days I remember so well.

Classic Horror Style

One thing that is still holding strong is the characters used in halloween decorations. Aside from the mandatory Witches, Skeletons and Jack O Laterns, good ole Dracula, Frankestein, The Wolf Man, and The Mummy are still the main figures in most things so the classic horror favorites are still holding strong and until we start seeing charactures of Jason, Freddie and Micheal Myers more often this dynasty still lives on classic as ever.

Have fun and we will do it again next year or why wait till next year, as King Diamond sings to us.....Every night is halloween. Sound good to me.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Twisted Flicks | Classic Horror Spoof

Twisted Flicks add just the right twist to Classic Horror favorite

Last night I went to a local movie theater where they show what are called "Twisted Flicks". One weekend a month this theater takes old usually "B" grade Sci-Fi and Classic horror flicks and turns off the sound and in turn has live actors take on the roles of the main characters and add in their own improvised dialogue.

A Decade of Twisted Fun

Twisted Flicks is currently celebrating their 10th anniversary and to commemorate this event they had the movie "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" as the flick to be spoofed. Although I lived here for far more than 10 years this was my first time attending this event. Going in I wasn't sure just how good it would be or if the theater itself was of any quality but I found myself very impressed and felt it was a excellent experience all the way around.

The theater holds maybe 150 people and is very clean with some decent decorations to help set the scene. One big plus for me was they serve beer and hard lemonade type drinks along with the usual popcorn, pop and candy. The admission price is 10.00 per person and I felt it was well worth it. If you live in the Seattle area and intend to check it out I would recommend you purchase your tickets online if you want to get front of the line access but extra charges due apply.

Horror Movies even the Kids can enjoy

The atmosphere is great for both adults and children so don't be afraid to take the kids. While you are waiting in line or in your seats the cast will ask you for suggestions of certain words, phrases or types of people that they will look through and choose some to use in that nights performance. If your suggestion is chosen there a prizes to be had, last night one person won a full one year pass to Twisted Flicks for having the most popular suggestion which was "Mister Rodgers"

Twisted Flicks is great idea and I enjoyed it much more than the more famous "Mystery Science Theater 3000" which isn't as comical in my humble opinion. Again, if you are in the Seattle area I definitely say check it out and like me I'm sure you be going back again and again. I love my Classic horror movies and hey why not every now and then see a new twist added to keep the blood flowing.

I think one really great feature they offer is if you really enjoyed the show then you have the option to purchase a DVD of it and watch it at home as much as you like.

Wing-it Productions has done a great job and I salute this great addition to our local pop-culture.

Check out their website at:

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

classic horror movies | monster movies

classic horror monsters modern slashers

It is almost Halloween and I am getting the idea that just what the title "classic horror" used to mean has changed to include a whole new batch of horror movies. Classic horror movies and general monster movies used to be easily classified as the old black and white classics that started it all mostly from Universal Studios and then later some color versions from Hammer Pictures in the UK. Today however a new generation of movies now have taken on the title as the new classic horror movies such as the Friday the 13th series as well as the Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street series.

Classic Horror Gore

As you have seen in earlier blogs of mine I have grumbled and moaned about this but I guess as the generations and styles of monster movies change we must allow for the new additions to be included. The real foundation for true classic horror movies will always be the golden standard of the oldies but with the advancements with film making and special effects the gore factor does start to become what a lot of people are now looking for.

I guess there is no reason to fight it and I do think there are some fairly good recent horror movies that have been released such as "Bram Stokers Dracula" and "Inteview with the Vampire". As for the gore fest that seems to be so necessary these days, it is fine to a extent but lets show some reason and work more on the horror aspect and save some of those buckets of blood for another project.

So yes, as I look at all the monster movie marathons this Halloween season I am a bit disappointed but I guess it time for that good ole DVD collection to come out and save the night.

Besides, I bet Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Creature and all the other greats of the real classic horror movies would kick the slasher butts of Jason, Freddie and Michael any full moon evening should the ever come face to face. Hmmmm sounds like a great idea to me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

It smells like Halloween is a coming

It must be that time of the season, all the great Halloween monster goodies are showing up in the stores and I'm ready for any new items that may reveal themselves. So far I haven't seen anything new or any great universal monsters items I still need, but I am out on the prowl. If anyone whom wonders through here has noticed anything I could sure use a good tip. Official Universal Monsters items are on the top of the list but anything Vampire, Werewolf, Creature or horror themed will do. If any good classic horror flicks are showing up on the tube I'd like to know about those as well. Unfortuately AMC and their monsterfest has really gone down the tubes, it was once a classic monsters dream and now you lucky for two or three of the old classics. Regardless, it's time to start the celebration and bring out the monsters.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rock and Roll and Monsters

Peanut butter and Jelly, Milk and Cookies, Me and Playboy bunnies, some things just go so well together and one of my favorites is Monsters and Rock and Roll. Thanks to all them hard rockers out there we got some great horror movie songs. Sometimes horror movies contribute in other ways such as band names. Black Sabbath got their name from a old Boris Karloff movie. Some of the best horror movie songs are as follows.

Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

Phantom of the Opera - Iron Maiden

Murders in the Rue Morgue - Iron Maiden

Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group

Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon

Monster Mash by Bobby Picket wasn't a monster movie but still gets a honorable mention

Dragula - Rob Zombie

a couple of guitars that should be mentioned

Kirk Hammet's mummy guitar

Phil Collin's dracula guitar

Friday, September 14, 2007

Love at first Bite movie review

I guess it is rather obvious by now that I am someone who enjoys his classic horror. I also enjoy other genre's as well and a good comedy is always entertaining, but when you can mix both monsters and comedy, it can be quite a treat. Naturally on the top of my list of horror/comedy would be the Abbott and Costello movies and the Classic "Young Frankenstein", but one other one really stands out with me and that is the movie "Love at First bite" with George Hamilton playing the Count. Leaving his homeland where no one is afraid of him any more, he goes to America and finds out that here he is just another nut case in the big city. There are so many great scenes and lines that just never seem to get old no matter how many times you see the movie. Our great Count Dracula goes from being the prince of darkness to a flying black chicken but he still doesn't lose his touch with the ladies and never gives them a "quickie" only a "Longie" The character of Renfield is hilarious yet still true to the original with his evil laugh and appetite for little things. Dr. Van helsing is portrayed very well as he boggles every attempt to get at Dracula and eventually finds himself bargaining with a cop on who gets to use Dracula's cape on what night. So do I have a problem with a Dracula who is drunk and singing in his coffin? Absolutely not, now how about a good Wolf Man comedy.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

classic horror movie quotes

Today I have visited various horror groups and forums I belong too and have posed the question, what classic horror movie quotes still stick with you today? I for one am constantly using these great lines to the point that my wife thinks everything I say has originated from a past movie. I will list some of my all time favorites and I hope to hear some of yours. I will also list the popular ones from my other groups.

"I know there's no such person as Dracula. You know there's no such person as Dracula!
But does Dracula know it?" - Abbott and Costello meets Frankenstein

"There are far worse things awaiting man than death" - Dracula 1931

"Dr. Pretorius: We shall drink to our partnership. Do you like gin? It is my only weakness. "

"Dr. Pretorius: [to the monster inside the mausoleum] Here, have a cigar... they're my only weakness!" -- Bride of Frankenstein so which is it doctor?

Henry: "Oh, in the name of God! Now I know what it's like to BE God!" - Frankenstein 1931

"It reminds me of the broken battlements of my own castle in Transylvania." - Dracula 1931

"I put a special hamper in the bathroom for your shirts. The other one is just for socks and poo-poo undies" - Young Frankenstein, Madaline Kahn to the Monster.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Groovy blast from the past

I don't have much to say today so here is a groovy blast from the past I'm sure we all remember and enjoyed.